Popular Messages

Interested in having Kimberly speak at your next event? Choose from one of these favorites or request a message built around the theme of your choice.

Lost on a Familiar Road
Let God change your mind and recapture the joy of the Lord.

"Bumping Up" Against the Master
Insert yourself into a familiar scene on a dusty road in Galilee. Are you the one "bumping up" against Jesus?

What Matters to Jesus

Examine one of the great teachings of Jesus from a fresh perspective; what does Jesus say about what really matters to God?

Mistaken Identity
Embrace the fullness of who Jesus Christ is; for even the most seasoned follower of Jesus, we go deeper with Christ when we look more carefully at who the Messiah says about His true identity.

Stirrin' It Up!

Probe into the depths of Hebrews 10:24 and discover how to bring out the best in our sisters.

Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny
Looking through the eyes of Esther, how will you respond to the divine opportunities of your life?

I Can't Get No Satisfaction
A humorous and deeply challenging appeal for personal contentment.

Feeling Free

Life is the amazing race; are you prepped to win?

Getting from Here to There

Are you ready to take some adventurous steps on your spiritual journey? Get in position to go deeper with Christ.

Standing Still or Stepping Out

Based on the life of David, dare to live courageously with a faith that refuses to stand still.

Martha: From Committed to Surrendered

She's quirky and she's funny , but what can we learn from our sister Martha?

Journey to Confidence

Get in gear to be the powerful and compelling light of Christ.


For Marriages Conferences and Retreats:

Where the Grass Is Greener
God knows where the grass Is greener! This message is full of belly laughs, yet hits oh-so-close to home.


Motherhood Events:

Raising kingdom-hearted kids in a me-centered world.